Architecture: office building based on daylighting
Hi. Doing masters in sustainable architecture, Pune. Dissertation: Daylighting in office bldgs, warm and humid climate & energy efficiency. Looking out for office bldg based on daylighting in India.
Kalyan Chatim
Architecture: office building based on daylighting
if you consider education bldg.the best example is CEPT mr.doshi at ahmedabad.architect Khan tried at indian institute of days western influenced architects do not try suchexperiment as market driven dimand is pushed by bueilders with energy consuming concepts.
Dushyant Nathwani
Architecture: office building based on daylighting
Kalyan, I agree with Dushyant regarding Western architects using energy consuming products, although the reasons for such behaviour are most probably due to the modern Western division of architects into (a) concept designers and (b) the architects who have to make concept drawings work within economic restraints and so tend to pick mass-manufactured off-the-shelf products rather than individual solutions.

A good example is the way that 1930s buildings with curved bay windows (with curved glass) are fitted with double-glazed units which are flat the result looks cheap and nasty.

Anyway, if you are interested in day-lighting buildings, then you should look at the design of buildings (by Western architects) before the wide-spread use of electric lighting.

And "lightwells" or atriums (enclosed courtyards upon several levels) within buildings are an ancient way of introducing daylight into buildings. A wonderful example of this is the Soane Museum in central London.
Frank John Snelling
Architecture: office building based on daylighting
Thank you Mr. Dushyant and Mr. Frank for your suggestions... I will do a net search on the same. Can you please suggest me a hostorical building in warm and humid climate based on daylighting??
Kalyan Chatim


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