Conflict and Natural Disasters
Cyclone proof settlement
I am planning to do thesis on the topic "cyclone proof village" in a cyclonic prone area. Can someone please suggest me good case studies and any useful information related to this topic also if this topic has good scope as a thesis topic please suggest.
Carol Anthony
Cyclone proof settlement
Carol, take a look at a project in the Archnet digital library entitled: Community Center and Cyclone Shelter. Be sure to scroll down the project page as there are associated files you can download for this project that provide plenty of information. A simple search on Archnet for the word "cyclone" will yield a few results.
Shiraz Allibhai
Cyclone proof settlement
thank you
Carol Anthony
Cyclone proof settlement

We have done cyclone shelters in Orissa under Grontmij / former BGS. If you search at Orissa and red cross may be you find Photos etc.
In brief, one has to distinguish locations and challenge for the buildings:
a) inland, only high wind (uplift of roofs etc) and could heavy rain, which penetrates in ll openings and gaps.
b) near coast, in addition medium high flood: Buildings on hills ,raised floors, stilts
c) close to the shore: floods can be very high, better to have cyclone shelter buildings on stilts _ look for alternative use, or how to make builds like schools fit for cyclone.
Strategy could be to have simple , cheap builds at village level, which could be washed away in statistically determined periods, may be some 20 years , but to keep people close to their work for example as fishermen and to safe only persons and valuable goods like nets.
Cyclones have a reasonable warning time, while tsunamis are often much faster to arrive.
Norbert E. Wilhelm


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