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Behavioural pattern in built environment
I am interested in analysing the behavioural pattern of human beings in a built environment and therby design a de- addiction center for my thesis project. Can anyone help me out regarding the same and how to go about it?
Uma Mouthiga
Behavioural pattern in built environment
Uma, "Behavioural patterns of human beings in the built environment" and "a de-addiction centre" make for some interesting thoughts as follows:-

There is an old English saying "You can take a person of a slum, but you cannot take the slum out of the person." In other words, removing a person from a poor environment in which that person lives, or has lived for a number of years, means that his or her habits (behavioural patterns) formed by living within a poor habitat tend persist even when the person leaves that poor habitat for a better habitat, particularly when that person has been forced to leave by other people. [People who may have good intentions, but who look at the situation from their own viewpoint and not the viewpoint of the person they are trying to help.]

Therefore, there is a need to address both physical and mental welfare, so that the person is able to adjust (at their own pace) to a new way of living within a new habitat.
Frank John Snelling
Behavioural pattern in built environment
would anyone sujest case studies for the same........
Uma Mouthiga
Behavioural pattern in built environment
Dear Uma,

There are no instances of rehabilitation centers on ArchNet, but you might look at health care centers like the Mopti Medical Center. The architects' approach could be interesting for your subject. Otherwise there is a list of de-addiction centers in India here.

ArchNet Administration
Behavioural pattern in built environment
If you look up "Architecture and Behaviour" on your search engine, you should be directed to a series of articles and conferences that deal with this subject. Do some research.
Shiraz Allibhai


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