Theory and Criticism
Sustainable Regeneration
MA Dissertation (June-September):
• To understand the pattern of decline in various neighbourhoods and the model adapted 'within' by the community to rejuvenate.
• To understand A Cultural Quarter and its current structure of sustained regeneration in the walled city of Lahore.
• To analyse and establish the factors of its success in terms of 'Sustaining Regeneration'.

Hence, Im seeking guidance to reading articles,journals and any literature available.

Sabrina Raja Safdar
Sustainable Regeneration
Sabrina, The bottom line for any urban centre or urban area is economics, because most urban areas live off the movement of trade and trade products that passes through rather than producing anything.

Therefore the infrastructure of of any urban area is like a plant, vigorous when young and new, but as time passes wears out and slowly degrades, so the properties decline and the value of such properties falls until cheap enough for developers to come in, buy property, redevelop and then sell dear.

Therefore, this is almost a natural a cyclic phenomena.
Frank John Snelling


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