Future religious community gathering spaces in urban India
I am doing my final year dissertation from madurai. i thought of this topic. But the problem is with the chronology of either modern temples or whether i should take temples where gurus or messengers of god are worshipped. i feel these spaces are more upcoming in urban areas as architecture pure traditional temples in india is vanishing. in the future these are going to be only community gathering spaces. does this sound feasible. also i dont know where to start with.
Kiruthika Iyer
Future religious community gathering spaces in urban India
Take a look at the urban regeneration work being undertaken in Nizamuddin Basti in Delhi, it may hold some relevance for your research.
Shiraz Allibhai
Future religious community gathering spaces in urban India

Hi Kiruthika,

I think you are referring to the difference between temple towns like "Tirupati" and "Puttaparthi" for example. You are right that in future these kind of places may act a community spaces. Though there are many ethical, legal, religious issues around these kind of "messengers of god", in a country like India, am sure they are here to stay. I don't see anything inappropriate to conduct a dissertation on this topic and probably one must do a study on this not only from spatial point of view but with a holistic approach.
Sriraj Gokarakonda


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