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Bougouni Mosque
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Bougouni Mosque
Hi. I'm doing research on the mud mosques in Mali. Could anyone point me to some helpful literature? Thanks, Isaac.
Isaac Abodunrin
Bougouni Mosque

In the Archnet digital library there are some great images for mud mosques. Sebastian Schutyser's survey of mud mosques can be found in the special image collections. Schutyser also produced a book entitled "Banco" on the subject of mud buildings.

Plenty of literature exists on the subject, much of it in French.

On Archnet, you can find the following publications for download:

1. Magnificent Mud: Mosques in Mali
2. Research: Mud as a Traditional Building Material
3. Djenne: Living Tradition
4. The Great Mosque at Djenne
5.On Site Review Report: Conservation of Djenne

Also, the work of Francis Kere is worth looking at for contemporary examples of the use of earth brick.
Shiraz Allibhai


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