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Low Cost Basement Construction

Am planning for Cost effective house Construction and I have Basement(Cellar) for Car parking (also as Store room), Ground Floor and First Floor. I have decided to go with Size Stone (Boulders) to be used for Wall as Stone Walls for the basement and 2 Stone Walls for Ground Floor. I will be using the Mud Bricks also for the walls in few places. Please let me know if this idea is better and has long life and strength compared to RCC walls.

Also let me know if any other things to be taken care for Basement Construction
Harish BR
Low Cost Basement Construction
Appreciate a quick response as I will be starting the construction in next week.
Harish BR
Low Cost Basement Construction
Harish, I am not too sure what you mean by RCC walls, but I assume it is some form of Reinforced Concrete?

I hope you are aware that while stone is load-bearing, "mud brick" (sun-dried brick) is not equal in load-bearing to stone.

Furthermore, Mud Brick / Cob / Rammed Earth / etc are "sun-dried" and therefore will rapidly dissolve under heavy rain. Whereas, kiln-dried / fired clay bricks are comparable to stone and do not dissolve in rain.
Frank John Snelling


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