Building Technology
Building materials
i need to know what are the diffrent types of
materials used in the diffrent buildings and what
are the process of the building developpement
Amira El Begawi
Building materials
Can you be more specific?
Shiraz Allibhai
Building materials
Amira, your 2 questions involve both history and theory of architecture, in short you want to get it all in a gift wrap, which I believe is impossible. However, the different types of building materials are those: 1) natural, 2) manifactured through techniques and methods of industrlisation and technology.

Different building types are vernacular and academic, architects do the academic and lay people do the vernacualr whenever they build for themselves. according to these two types of building the processes of building development involved change. Many aspects however also represent an impact upon the processes, like climat, eeconomy, and social change. A wonderful book to read on this issue is Hassan Fathy's [Natural Energy and Vernacular Architecture].
Mervat El-Shafie


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