Seeking Guidance
Super Adobe Construction in Timimoun (Algeria)
I am looking for a partner for a project to build a house based on Islamic architectural design.
I would like to use super adobe as construction material.
Essentially the project will demonstrate the use of this cheap material with a possibility of using Islamic forms.

Khaled Boulaziz
Boulaziz Khaled
Super Adobe Construction in Timimoun (Algeria)
Boulaziz, Okay, I have heard of "adobe" as the local word used in the Americas for buildings with earth walls...

...but what is `super adobe`? To me `super adobe` sounds like some form of reinforced or stablised earth, such as mixing cement with the local soil.
Frank John Snelling
Super Adobe Construction in Timimoun (Algeria)
Dear Boulaziz Khaled
Good to hear that you're interested in building with local material, and more importantly in super adobe. That's the brilliant idea you have to build your own house with such construction material. It is very wise decision; it's absolutely ecological, sustainable, as well as local.
There are few people to mention, who can help you with a brilliant design idea. On top of my mind is Architect Siamak G. Shahneshin, who worked with Nader Khalili, Paolo Soleri and Frei Otto. Dr. Shahneshin is an expert in ecologically sound building and sustainability; and who does know the culture. He has helped several african communities to build local-centered constructions, for example, in Sudan, Tanzania, ecc.
So, I would want to recommend to you to invite Mr. Shahneshin for your need to partner in building your house for your benefit as well as well as benefit to the city administrators in Timimoun.
You may use his email to get in touch with him
Wishing you a successful
Kind regards,
Angi Occhien


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