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Thesis Help: SOS village
Hi i am doing my thesis on SOS village but i think there is no appropriate data available can any one help.
Jawad Ahmad
Thesis Help: SOS village
Dear Jawad Ahmad,
Several times in my institution, Architecture Department, Khulna University, the project has been practiced as a B.Arch thesis. Thesis Reports might be available in our library. Would you please tell me in which institution you are affiliated with.
Shafique Rahman
Thesis Help: SOS village
can u pls mail me d data if u have.. on
Nikita Shah
Thesis Help: SOS village
Whatever little i know about SOS CHILDREN VILLAGES;
SOS is an international organisation who have centres around the globe.
The centres are organised around the concept of families with a " mother" who looks after a group of of children of varying ages generally numbering no more than 6-8. thus the basic unit of the village is a house with a mother and the family.The houses are self sufficient with rooms or dorms ,kitchen and living areas . many such houses constitute a village with shared community areas and playgrounds etc.
Vocational training is also imparted.
Sambuddha Sen
Thesis Help: SOS village
i am also doing thesis on SOS village. Can anyone help with any kind of data or information?? it would be a great help. :)
Shoummo Talukder
Thesis Help: SOS village
please mail me data regarding sos village on this id . thanyou
Sana Sahar


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