thesis: perception of space through MOVEMENT as a tool
hi, i am doing ma Re search on perception and experience of space through movement as tool, where i am going to discuss tangible as well as intangible aspects of built environment. i need a base/foundation on which i can generate an argument, so i required a help to broaden my view point. hoping for positive replay. thank you.
Dhara Desai
thesis: perception of space through MOVEMENT as a tool
Hello Dhara,
I think you can find one answer when you read "Atmospheres: thinking architecture" from Peter Zumthor,

or you can find a lot of material about the statment "architecture is frozen music",

and, at least, you can find things about that topic in the film composition essays and think how you can, through the movement, from all your senses, understand the space.

One time one friend ask me, "how can you make architecture for the people that cant see? the cant understand the minimalistic lines, or the Gothic cathedrals, or a skyline"

what do you think about that?

I hope it helps!
Rodrigo Fritis


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