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thesis concept
hi evrybdy!
i am doing thesis on fishermen's site is along the sea in mainly concentrating on the housing and occupational needs of wrking on my concept..i need help on creating the typology of houses for fishermen..pls suggest me ur ideas .thank u
Vinitha Kannan
thesis concept
hello, vinitha,all the very best for a very successful thesis.Your, topic seems to be interesting if dealt carefully. The most imp. thing while penning down your concept is to recap the entire thought process which brought u to the decision of taking up this as your thesis topic. The interesting and captivating part of your topic is that it is a highly contextually driven 1,,where your research and study will help u groom your topic and carry it till the end. I would like to suggest that you do a close study of the fishermen's life in the region of your chosen site, and draw analytical, practical, philosophical conclusions which will surely drive you to your concept.
Saniya Siddiqui
thesis concept
Hi Vinitha,

Wish you a very happy New Year.

The project sounds pretty interesting. I think focusing on the 'occupational needs' is rather important in your project. At the same time you have to take care that it acts as a key element in your design rather than to just help you to lay down the area program.

1. Fishing communities are generally closely knit communities.

2. They needs space for their equipment, boats, nets, cold storage facilities and workshop.

3. Fishing communities traditionally have always been in close proximity to the sea so that they have enough space to attend to their nets.

4. Because of the close proximity to the sea issues relating to ecology/climate responsive design/disaster management naturally have considerable importance.

4. They may need space to sell their catch. Not if they take it to the Harbour. Then storage and vehicular circulation has to be designed accordingly.

5. Some special attention needs to be taken for waste/drain management and hygiene.

6. Men are generally away in the seas for long time. So women and children tend to involve in some income generation activities.

Apart from such special needs all the priorities for any typical housing applies here also.

I think the key to this project is to respect and reflect on the lifestyle of fishing communities as a whole. Though I am not sure such intrinsic communities exists anymore especially in and around the cities. Now the norm is to catch and return to the harbour to sell. So the living spaces now remain essentially without any character they had earlier due this separation of work and living areas.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
thesis concept
Sriraj, A very thoughtful listing because the same or similar features would have applied to fishing villages around the British Isles.

Unfortunately, the purpose of most of our fishing villages has disappeared and now these tiny harbours are used to house leisure craft and the houses bought by townies as second homes.

The reason for the collapse of our fishing industry is due to the mad rules of the European Union, because our fishing boats are only allowed catch fixed amounts of fixed types of fish and they have to throw back (dead) any excess to these quotas. :(
Frank John Snelling


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