My thesis topic is- "REHABILITATION CENTER FOR SEX TRAFFICKING AND HIV POSITIVE VICTIMS". Basically a center which is for the victims of sex trafficking(women and childern) and people fighting from AIDS. It will be a center for those people who are in trauma and will help them in coming back to the society and live a normal life like us. the center will provide training sessions and therapies for the victims. it will have the basic medical facility but will not be a hospital. Where can i search for same kind of centers in India? and the related data for the same??
my site is in rajasthan only . Please Help me out.
Parul Gupta
Parul, try contacting NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) who work in this field.
Frank John Snelling
Hi Parul,

Bold topic to say. Its time that someone has to think, talk and ofcourse build for them.

I am not sure if you had come accross "Maiti" during your internet search. Its an institution in Nepal run by Ms. Anuradha Koirala.

I strongly suggest you to visit this centre as a part of your case study. I am sure you will get all the inspiration to go ahead with this project and all the ideas to design a good environment for after your visit.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
Frank John Snelling- thank you so much... i am trying to contact some NGO's working for the same cause.
Parul Gupta
Sriraj Gokarakonda- thank you...i guess this will surely help me out.
Parul Gupta
hi parul mam.....this is sourav agarwal and i m fourth year student and i have selected this topic for my thesis topic but i m not getting much information for this topic except maiti and ARZ(anyay rahit zindagi), Goa. so plz if u have any information for this topic aur some case study plz mail me in this also i want to discuss with you in this topic so plz give me email id so that i can discuss my queries.plz help me out and rply ASAP.
Sourav Agarwal


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