Architectural Education
My thesis topic is venom research center. Basically a center which is dedicated to reptile research and conservation of endangered ones. It will have an indoor & outdoor zoo. Where can i search for same kind of research centers in India?
I'm confused in site selection too. Can I take site somewhere in northern India. Please Help me out.
Priynka Singh
Hi Priyanka,

How about a site in the North-east of India or in the lower Himalayan range or may be Central Indian forests? I am not sure if you can find the same kind of research center but there are some butterfly research/conservatories in Meghalaya I guess not sure though.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
Thank you Sriraj!
I know the most suitable site will be in North-east only..I Was just trying to avoid a long journey to visit the site. and Will definitely search for the butterfly parks..I hope it will help. :)
Priynka Singh
hi.....i m in final year .and i have taken up zoo as well with similar idea of having indoor as well as out door kinda zoo.....since u are dn with ur thesis...can u help me please in terms of programing needs and case studies.....???
Hanna Chauhan


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