interpretation center using biomimcry in architecture
hello everyone!!!!!!
i m doing thesis on interpretation center & theme is biomimicry..... i need ur help & views... interpretation center is for tourism of chhattishgarh its art & culture... is it necessary tat interpretation center should be near any historical site & to promote & conserve it..... plz make it clear and i need some study material on it.... i'll be thankful 2 u....
Neha Sahu
interpretation center using biomimcry in architecture
My view is that biomimcry is an architectural (stun) more suited to temporary structures or commercial interiors, besides it is a (style), and will soon fade away. Cultural buildings should be unique, timeless, and rooted into its culture, particularly if they are to fit within a historic context.
Faisal Hamid
interpretation center using biomimcry in architecture
thanx Faisal Hamid........ but i m mimicking nature's sustainable process in my design as biomimicry....... i want some data on passive cooling system for composite climate......
Neha Sahu
interpretation center using biomimcry in architecture
First your should read the book Biomimicry and Cradle to Cradle to learn how nature uses and conserves energy. Biomimicry is here to stay as technologies and materials are looking at nature for answers. All of the greatest innovations happen with in nature.. Water catchment, passive solar, passive cooling all efficient and natural. As a designer you have the choice to source local materials as nature would do. Nature doesnt expend energy for something that isnt near and close. My answer would be to read these two books and let nature be your guide. Its easy to copy something already made in the built environment and to call on material from a magazine.. I praise you in your search for biomimicry and natural systems.
Sharif Rosales-webb
interpretation center using biomimcry in architecture
Neha, I believe "ant hills" (vertical and above ground) are cooling towers.
Frank John Snelling


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