I have selected wildlife research and training institute as my thesis topic,for which i have done the case study of WII(wildlife inst. of india) and FRI(forest research institue) at DEHRADUN also CEE(ahmedabad). For my presentation i require the site plan,floor plan,sections(any soft copy or autocad drawings,or images of plans),or any architectural drawings related to any of the three institutes.Plz help me
Nikita Agarwal
hey nikita, i also having same topic for my thesis...where is ur site??? can u plzzz send me literature,site and relevant data regarding will be a great help...i need all that urgent...hope for ur quick id :
Romika Bagga
hi nikita,even i am planning to do my thesis on the same topic well i know the people who designed the wildlife reasearch institute dehradun, so i can provide u with the data on same and as even i am planning to pursue the same topic so probably u can help me with the case studies.
looking forward for a positive reply.
you can mail me at
Prashant Sharma


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