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Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
Hello members,

I am student of architecture , In my final year. I am doing my thesis on shelter for juvenile.

I am looking for guidance based on my topic.If you can help me with appropriate Book and Net case study and literature study for the same!

Thank you,

Ruchita Rathod
Ruchita Rathod
Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
Hi @ruchita rathod
I am B.arch student from Manipal University, even my thesis topic is juvenile correction centre and even I'm looking for the same inputs. anyways you can check for ECHO in google. You might get some help.
Anikesh Ashwin
Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
hi anikesh ,
ty!Hey if u have any live proposal for juvenile correction centre which u are using as ur site !? can u let me know.
Basically in search for proposed site for juvenile home!
Ruchita Rathod
Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
I am also planning to take my thesis topic as "juvenile center" and not able to find a live project.
please suggest me some related informaton regarding that topic and the live projects.
Srijan Upadhyay
Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
One of the eternal problems with any building complex which is primarily designed to keep the delinquent away from those who are not delinquent, is that if someone who is a first offender enters a prison which houses hardened (habitual or repeat) offenders, then the first offenders have the opportunity to learn about any form of criminal behaviour which is attractive to them and then apply what they have learnt when they are released.

In other words, first offenders should be segregated from repeat offenders and similarly, any rehabilitation or retraining programme must be separate and differentiate between first offenders and repeat offenders.

Because for a first offender the culture shock of being locked up for the first time must have a severe psychological effect upon most people which helps to deter many from reoffending, but if first offenders are mixed in with repeat offenders, then the culture shock is lessened because the first offenders will imitate the repeat offenders for whom the culture shock of being imprisoned is accepted as a boring nuisance in their life of crime.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
hi i am shahnawaz jamadar from Pune. 5th yr architecture student, please help me out with ur reference thesis work..
u can mail me on-
Shahnawaz Jamadar
Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
hey hi i am also in final year with the same topic. can u jst help me out with what data and analysis u moving ahead.thank u.
Binita Baruah
Thesis Topic - Shelter for juvenile
The question one needs to ask is why juvenile (aka teenage) correction is necessary in the first place?

And the answer most probably lies in the modern educational system which separates the teenagers from both children and adults, and then people wonder why teenage behaviour is atypical and disruptive.

I am sure the founding father of America (Abraham Lincoln) who was educated in a rural one-room school alongside both children and adults would agree that such a wide spectrum of generations within a school tends to ease the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next without the disruptive behaviour that is now so commonplace in the juvenile schools of today as to be regarded as natural and normal behaviour for teenagers.

And another area worth studying is why modern children and teenagers are intentionally isolated and therefore alienated from the world of adults, because when children and in particular teenagers are denied their right to work and therefore contribute to the welfare of their families and their communities, then it is no surprise that that they become disruptive, because this denial of their right to contribute is also a denial of their right to respect.
Frank John Snelling


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