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A new role for cities and local government
Now a feature of most countries, 'decentralisation' is at the heart of the new urban policies and
may represent one way of surmounting the urban crisis and coming up with new forms of urban
democracy. What powers should the city have? And what new forms of 'local democracy' do
current urban changes call for?
Mian M. Naseer
A new role for cities and local government
Well,I think the answer to this question proposes the following question: What does a certian community need from its particular built environment? Answering this question is expected to lead the way to the different parties involved in the urban decision making process to distribute the roles and responsibilities in the following manner:
1. Defining the prior objectives for the newly set free city to go on with this decentralization and independence.
2. Pointing out the strategy of which the different (local) actors would be responsible of.
3. Setting a (local) system of implementation and supervision and "punishment". (TO BE CONTINUED)...
Heba Safey Eldeen
A new role for cities and local government
Decentralisation as a policy leads to advent of development of vernacular design .
I also feel Europe showing a little hypocrisy here,lol! as far as decentralisation is concerned, because all the while more beauracratic institutions are making way into upper stratas of regions continents etc.
Already countries are filling up more tables at Capitols with Commisions and Boards and then adding directorates and authorities below them to empower the bureaus and expower technocracy or publics .Like say Information Techology is a Revolution for office and consumer comfort a revolution that will develop forever ,it is like fertile land that will vomit more agriculture every season ,a subject that is not easy for a common administerator to sustain so he will escape that by creating a commision and push its chairs to demgogues and thinktanks ..But below rthe commision a directorate will emerge to redistribute or channel power and access..
Same is with Environmental Industry Revolution.
Sher Saddozai


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