Interior Design
est ce que sa ne serait pas interessant de creer des canapes avec une housse transparente qui laisse voir la composition interieure du canape. et le plastique? sa ne serait pas bien pour exorciter l'epouvantail de la crise:)
Magyda Cherradi
Magyda, My French is not very good, but it would appear that you are interested in the transparent (glass) canopies usually found over the main entrances to buildings?

Footnote: Because I have an interest in Art Nouuveau, I have noticed and enjoyed the glass canopies. :)
Frank John Snelling
I don't know how glass is used but I am thinking in covering the canopy with a transparent material so that we see what is inside. we would see either wood, metal... and I am afraid it can also be cheap material as plastic. it is intended to refrain fright of being less rich because of the crisis :)
it can be cheap and symbolic objet to use confortably to gather and discuss...
Magyda Cherradi


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