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symbolic representation in sculptural architectrue
what is the procedure and how architect represents symbolic sculpture in architecture
Ayeshanudrat Khan
symbolic representation in sculptural architectrue
Ayeshanudrat, Every form of architecture ever designed has some form of symbolic sculpturing, including those of the Avante Garde (of 100 years ago), whose battle cry was "Ornament is crime".

I say this because any building which does not have any symbolic sculpturing should not be called architecture.

Therefore architecture is what I would call a frozen Zeitgeist (or frozen spirit of the times), because architecture is usually popular design within and for one era, yet continues to exist through many others eras of popular design and even may become fashionable for a second time (aka "retro").

For example, in both photography and television, "black and white" images were standard up to the late 1960s, so colour imagery was seen as exotic and therefore popular, but now that everyone is bored with colour imagery and it has fallen out of fashion, then "black and white" imagery has returned as the `cutting edge` scene.

For myself, both colour and "black and white" imagery present different perceptions and thus both have different functions.
Frank John Snelling


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