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Architectural photography
Hi all. I am a 3rd yr student of Architectural Technology and I'm at the setting out stage of my dissertation. I am a keen photographer and would like a topic that will integrate architecture and photography. I am considering the question - "Is architectural photography a true representation or a personal interpretation?" Another aspect of this could be " What is the role of photographer in architecture?"
Your considerations, referencing, discussions etc will be used to formulate my thesis and I would be most grateful.
Yonatan Roth
Architectural photography
Yonatan, I would say architectural photography can be both a true representation and a personal interpretation because the photograph comes from the location and position of the photographer.

Personally, I have taken many 35mm colour photographs from the mid 1970s and I have both developed and analysed my own preferences which started as 3/4 (at an angle of 45 degree to the front of a building) shots to show the depth or 3D nature of architecture.

Slowly (and only as a way to get as near as possible to the buildings and still keep the whole building) I started taking photographs which were also angled from the vertical (at left and right hand slants of about 30 degrees or more). Such photographs suit me because I keep the context and cut out the visual `noise` of inappropriate objects. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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