Historic Preservation
impact of conservation on architecture
i am doing a seminar on impact of conservation on architecture and society so i wanted to know the that how and on what areas it do impact..?
Kriti Dhingra
impact of conservation on architecture
Kriti, this is a difficult subject because Conservation only really begins to take root in any society when there are enough affluent people or when the society itself is affluent enough to bother looking at its own surrounding beyond the immediate need for survival. Given that people come first, then if traditional design and techniques in building are inadequate (by modern standards) to ensure the health of the people, because being hand-crafted they are therefore more expensive than concrete buildings.

However, concrete and glass buildings have no sense of place, no heart and no soul and therefore do not resonate with the people or their culture and by not resonating; the culture which once sustained the hearts, minds and souls becomes an empty shell corroding the tranquility of the people. :(((

One could argue that with the advent of the universal uniformity created by concrete and glass buildings; there is no need for diversity or difference between cultures because it was the difference in environment which created the differences in culture.

But, I, and I imagine most other people would prefer to be a recognisable part of a culture, rather a faceless number amongst billions of similarly anonymous humans. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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