Topic for Debate
the Bazaar vs.the Mall
Would the mushrooming Mall culture be able to replace the Traditional bazaar?
Kiran Keswani
the Bazaar vs.the Mall
Kiran, I think you have the cart before the horse here. In fact, malls are simply a modern version of the traditional covered bazaars. :)))
Frank John Snelling
the Bazaar vs.the Mall
liked your blog.....yes in west,partly in metroes of india,failing and hardly find any footfalls in smaller towns of fact urban spaces around indian cities are total failure from infrastructure point of view....neaxt year 2012 shall see major failure in india in the sectore and govt.polices and privet players shall learn lesson of life time.
Dushyant Nathwani
the Bazaar vs.the Mall
Dushyant, Maybe the arbitary contruction of wide roads on major axes (like Hausmann in Paris) would help to offset urban deficiences?
Frank John Snelling


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