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Contemporary architecture in Saudi Arabia
How we can define post-modernism in Saudi Arabia?
Mona Ibrahim
Contemporary architecture in Saudi Arabia
Yes, that is the word for the architecture of many of the shopping areas in Jeddah: post modernism. No longer modern, like le Corbusier or the Guggenheim Museum in NY, there is now a renewed interest in elements of classical Greek and Roman Architecture. It is reminiscent of the Spanish architect who designed the Antigone in Montpellier, France. I'm sorry I have forgotten his name, but he used classical elements, too.
Denis Hoppe
Contemporary architecture in Saudi Arabia
This is an intersting theme. First, the Spanish architect of the Antigone residential development in Montpellier, France is Ricardo Bofill.
Second, post modernism in architecture is almost disappeared in the West, while is extensively developing in the ��East�� (in Saudi Arabia, Gulf area and in Egypt). I wonder if this phenomena has to do, again, with ��production and consumption��, ��exportation and importation��, ��cutting from there and pasting here�� of many architectural concepts, ideas, forms, products. The western post-modern trend in architecture, according to Charles Jencks, Kenneth Frampton and David Harvey, among many others, was an expression of the Western post modern societies and not just, quotations, forms, elements and recycling of classical elements. What are the parallel cultural aspects of the Eastern societies that produce similar post-modern architectural expressions and trends?
Galal Abada
Contemporary architecture in Saudi Arabia
Mr. Abada; what you are discussing leads us again to the crisis of identity. But, the crisis of architectural identity is a global phenomenon and not limited to the Arab world or Saudi Arabia. As an example of the identity dilemma in the western cities, the new conservative architectural developments in Berlin since 1990 recieved a lot of criticism in terms of expressing the contemporary identity of the city. At this point, it is important to indicate that the western theorists and scholars review and examine their trends and theories, while in the developing societies we are following what the western scholars are concluding.
Tarek Abdelsalam


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