hi all!..
im vince, final year architecture working on my thesis...i jus thought of doin a research cum design proposal related to human eye, selected a topic called...DARK LIGHT [ not a metaphor design] ...before i say what it means exactly...i jus want to know others response about the topic.. like when you listen to the words "dark light" what strikes or what your mind stimuli to think about and what??...hope your thoughts would pave a way thru my thesis!!...

Ar.Vince ...
Vince, "Dark Light" immediately recalled my reading of some science novels by author Harry Turtledove. because "dark light" was used another name for radar used by aliens.
Frank John Snelling
oh!frank..dats interesting...but, m looking towards on the side of archtecture basis....meanwhile thanks for the response...
Ar.Vince ...
Dear Vince

when i read the word dark light the first thing that comes in my mind is that how can light be dark. Light is light though shades are produced due to the objects in the environment that either reflect ,refract or absorb light.
when i was a student one of my friends did a thesis on light cuz his hobby was photography. and he wanted to design an artist's commune. as light is a very important factor in an artists life.
he studied about light first and then the shadows or as in your words i think darkness.
I hope you understood my point.
Mahrukh Mirza
Vince, To be honest "dark light" does not resonate with me, mainly because the latest trendy (popular culture) phrase is "the dark side" as though the dark side is of more interest and value than the light side.

In fact, it is the interplay of light and dark (Chiaroscuro)that is of aesthetic interest because the space between light and dark has an infinite of possibilities.
Frank John Snelling
according to me "dark light" might give me oppurtunity to explore light and darkness in terms of solids or voids of the building mass.
another perfect way might be the interior scheme of the building where i might play with contrasting colours or dark and light elements, furniture etc according to the usage of the space etc. !! i will think more and let u know beyond this :)
Muhammed Abbas Nishar
there was a vogue in morocco to paint room with black. I never understood the ambiance they wanted to creat. I think we can play on the tone of colors when we put weak lighting. I think if we put dark finish and weak light it can be a different attitude toward light. it is all about what tone you would like to have and what that space is for. may be :)
Magyda Cherradi


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