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B.Arch Thesis-IIT Rajasthan
Hi guys..I am a b.arch 5th year student and my thesis topic is IIT-Rajasthan (Indian Institute of Technology- Rajasthan).
I need to design the campus for the institute, and so I need any help regarding campus planning.
Also if anyone has any case study data or details of IIT Kanpur(designed by AP Kanvinde) or Jodhpur University, please help me..
the case study part is kind of urgent..plz help
Ruchira Gaur
B.Arch Thesis-IIT Rajasthan
Hi Ruchira,

IIT Kanpur is very well designed. In general campus planning can be broadly classified into two categories - Homogeneous and Heterogeneous. In India we mostly have Homogeneous campus while there are few Heterogeneous campus abroad. Search for University of East Anglia for example. It is a Homogeneous University. I have done my thesis on Indian Maritime University and can share my case studies. I have concentrated mostly on Homogeneous campus though. Let me know your mail ID so that I can forward you the data.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
B.Arch Thesis-IIT Rajasthan
@ siraj

thank you so much for the info..
had gotten busy with some thesis was on a break...

it would really be great if you could email me your case studies or any related stuff...
my email id is

if possible please mail me as soon as is really urgent as i have my first presentation on 3rd sept...

thanks in advance....
Ruchira Gaur
B.Arch Thesis-IIT Rajasthan
hey hi ruchira...check in your mail....have replied there since there was too much to write in...:)those information might help you...c u ..all the best....
Sagar Mistry
B.Arch Thesis-IIT Rajasthan
Hello Sriraj i would be grateful if u could send me ur info on Maritime University.. i am planning to do a thesis on IIT .
Ananta Mukherjee


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