Interior Design
Segregative screens
Almost all human societies have a tendency towards some forms of segregation.Screens in particular reflect the socio-political issues of divisions, more noticeably in Islamic societies, as they are added to a space when there is the need to define boundaries, barriers and divisions in different cases, e.g. gender divisions in mosques. In my MA project, I am looking at screens in this negative way and see how they have been operated in domestic and public spaces. How they have gone to the body of societies specially dictatorships? In what terms we can read the word ‘screening’? What else can be read as a screen?
Neda Kahooker
Segregative screens
i would greatly appreciate your contributions, as this is a study im doing at the university for my masters final project.

all the best
Neda Kahooker
Segregative screens
Neda, This subject is called "Spatial Morphology". Although the separation or division of peoplecan be physical or psychological, or both.

And the most obvious screens in any culture are those which screen "Taboo" subjects from public gaze.
Frank John Snelling


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