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Thesis on performing arts school on ghats of Ganga
Hello everyone,
I am doing my thesis on Varanasi riverfront development (intervention zone is 750m in length out of 6.5 km of Ghats). I am also proposing an ethnicity school near the ghats (within the intervention area) which will have its institutes for fine arts, drama, dance and music influenced by the spirit of ganga (A religious and cultural stream). Can anyone please let me know about good case studies on both riverfronts and performing art schools (in vernacular architecture of Varanasi) like NRITYAGRAM Bangalore or any recommendations on related topic. It would be very helpful for me to conduct my case studies.
Thank you!
Animesh Dev
Thesis on performing arts school on ghats of Ganga
hey, i need any information or cad drawings or details on nrityagarm or similar case studies. i have a similar topic 'national school of drama' and need some case studies for that. i would be really grateful for any help from your side. thanks.
Shaiwanti Gupta


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