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Masters in Conservation/ Historic Preservation
hey folks, i just completed my B.Arch form Sushant School of Art and Architecture and am now looking at the various master's options avaliable.
i would be interested in finding out more information on master's in historic preservation/ conservation architeture. if please someone could clear my doubts.
firstly, what kind of work does a conservation architect do?
is this course really a viable option? what kind of future am i looking at?
what is the job market like in this line? what kind of salary is one looking at?
and if i am looking at doing my masters in this field, which are the best universities to go to, in india and abroad??
please advice!!
Shivani Wadhwa
Masters in Conservation/ Historic Preservation
Shivani, Try asking Professor Aysun Ozkose, Karabuk University, Turkey (see member profile).

Professor Ozkose has made (and continues to make) valuable contributions to the restoration and conservation of the World Heritage Site of Safranbolu in Northern Turkey.

For myself, I feel that the restoration and conservation of traditional and vernacular architecture is important because it gives continuity and substance to any culture, particularly where there is no historical (written) record.
Frank John Snelling
Masters in Conservation/ Historic Preservation
Hello Shivani,

Congrats on completing your B.Arch. The answers to many of your questions will depend on where you might practice Historic Preservation. Working in the US, I have found that the salary for HP work is not significantly different from that of other architectural practices. It will depend on the type of firm you work for and your position and experience. I agree with what Frank has said about HP. I have practiced it myself and it can be a very rewarding field to study and be a part of. I follow the belief that in order to be a responsible architect, the profession requires one to build for the future but also look towards the past in respecting what has already been done and also seeing how that may help shape the work we do, as we would in Adaptive Reuse projects. There are some international organizations that have information on HP, some offering internships. Among them are ICOMOS, ICCROM, and WMF. There is also the Aga Khan Historic Cities Support Program that focuses on HP as it relates to economic, social considerations, etc. in the Muslim world. You can also find information on them from the library here. I hope this helps and best of luck.
Sophia Khan
Masters in Conservation/ Historic Preservation
Hello Shivani,

I am a little bit surprised at your post as well as your queries; especially since these come from a person who I assume stays in Delhi as well as studied there. I wonder if you have gone to any of the Parichays carried out by Intach or the walks organized by Delhi Heritage walks. In case you haven't, than I suggest that you literally take a walk & you will see how the 3000 odd monuments in Delhi are in need of conservation.
The Aga Khan network has done a great job with its Urban Renewal Initiative of Humayun's Tomb and adjoining monuments. Similar work needs to be replicated at other sites not only in Delhi but all across India like Ashtur tombs in Bidar, etc. Right know the Red fort is also undergoing a massive face lift. Hence the scope for conservation architects is increasing.
You can also pursue your studies at Delhi with DIHRM and also get scholarships from Intach []. I suggest that you get in touch with INTACH Delhi chapter to guide you in your endeavors. You can also get in touch with Mr. Ratish Nanda, conservation architect working on the Humayun Tomb redevelopment plan.

Wish you all the best for your future.
Mansoor Ali
Masters in Conservation/ Historic Preservation
it depends about what you plan to do when you are a conservator. but in all the cases you should get familiar with some chimestry, it is important to know the materials of construction and the products you want to put on them. you can gain a lot of money on international level but you should master your knowledge, you will have to gain reflexes. then it is very clear you should be very keen on international approaches and their history. you should be very organized ;)
Magyda Cherradi


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