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Architecture how do i start, what is the best universiti, and what should i expect from architecture?
Hi my name is Aaron; I'm 20 years old and would like some guidance lights on my path to becoming an architect or landscape arch. I have been struggling eater to become an interior designer or architect, but my architecture side has finally won. I am a resident of the United States (Mexican citizen) and don't really know what some of the best universities to study architecture here in the US are. Currently I'm tacking the basics for college but I have no idea what to expect after I finish all the core classes. I am thinking of transferring over to the University of Texas at San Antonio before I finish all the core classes, but I do not know if that's the best school I can apply to. I also do not know what to expect of the field (architecture). What does an architect and landscape architect actually do? Is architecture allot of math, fractions, calculus? Or does it depend on the type of work someone is performing? I have never been the best cookie in the cookie jar of math, but I'm not the crumbled cookie on the bottom of the jar eater. I would greatly appreciate if someone (an architect) would give me some feedback on the subject, and their own opinion as well.
P.S. I'm not the type of person that wants to build huge offices and ask scrapers, I'm more into nature housing architecture. Building better, and greener is my oath.
Aaron Lopez
Architecture how do i start, what is the best universiti, and what should i expect from architecture?
Aaron, There is an unfortunate tendency today to leave the technical aspects of design to the engineers. So that the maths needed in architecture school does not use calculus, etc.

The reason for this attitude in schools of architecture is that engineers are the `drawers of water` and the `hewers of wood` fit only for doing the donkey work in building.

While architects are "concept designers" who doodle drawings which they pass to the engineers to make into real buildings.
Frank John Snelling


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