Educational Design
water museum
how can i design a perfect water museum in your idea?what factors are important?
Amir Haddai
water museum
Amir, You need spaces to show the environments of (a) above water, (b) on the water and (c) beneath the water.
Frank John Snelling
water museum
Amir, plus there are waterwheels / water mills, water-falls, fountains and in particular in Iran there Qanats (man-made underground water courses).
Frank John Snelling
water museum
hi amir,d topic is interesting bt also alot of research is required.1stly u need to understand d wrld beneath water,d natural phenomena and the geographical context.u will hv 2 study d soil,waves,tide,pressure exerted by water etc.u hv 2 b technically very perfect n clear to mk such a the various underwater structures created in the world.also a gud study of materials is required alongwith calculations n statistics..all the best

Heena Shaikh
water museum
select the site near ocean[salt water] or make it part of it and explore the other end sweet water,how it helps flora and fauna life cycle,dont forget clouds and sun as they get water to each and every life form on earth....regards.
Dushyant Nathwani


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