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Growth Path for Architects
Any suggestions for the general growth path for a fresher Architect. After Graduation, some opt for a job under a multidisciplinary firm (Architecture/ Urban design/ Product Design/ Green Architecture), some opt for a smaller Architectural firm with fewer good projects and direct involvement/responsibilites in them, whereas some opt for a job in a MNC/Construction company. However, the main motto is developing capabilities, which are designing, site execution, project managing/ monitoring etc. What do you suggest, what should an Architect follow to achieve maximum exposure for his future?
Subhankar Nag
Growth Path for Architects
Subhankar, The smaller the pond the bigger the splash you make, on the other hand you might sink. :)))

Therefore, if you want diversity, uncertainty and responsibility; go for a smaller firm. Whereas, if you want uniformity, certainty and security, go for the bigger firm. I am joking, but there is a grain of truth somewhere.
Frank John Snelling


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