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1999 war memorial, kargil,ladakh J
Hi...I'm confused about my final year thesis topic, war museum, and would be grateful if anyone can help me regarding any information related to war meseum..and the museum will be on 1999 war betwen india and pakistan. the site will be in kargil. drass..nearest place to the battle field
Tahir Ahmad
1999 war memorial, kargil,ladakh J
Hello Tahir,

First of all there's a lot of difference between a memorial and a museum; so you better be clear on what you want to take up. Why don't you start with a visit to India Gate [] in New Delhi, which is dedicated to soldiers who lost their lives in WW1 & Third Afghan War. There you will also come across the Amar Jawan Jyoti, which is dedicated to an unknown soldier from the 1971 war. Have a look at not only the monuments but carefully observe the visitors who come from not only India but also abroad. Once you have understood the reason why those visitors come to pay their respects at Amar Jawan Jyothi, will you be able to design your monument for those "Great souls" who defended us till their last breath. Of course some of them come for photo-ops but many do come to pay their respects. So you can even have a Q&A with the visitors there as part of your case study. Other places for your case study can be the National War Memorial Southern Command in Poona,Chandigarh War Memorial, Martyr Memorial Dharamsala,War Memorial, IMA, Dehradun, War Memorial, Drass [close to Kargil],Jaswant Garh, Arunachal Pradesh,Tawang War Memorial & Darjeeling War Memorial. The best War memorials abroad are those realted to WWII in Normandy, France.

All the best.
Mansoor Ali


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