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Sustanable community
Dear friends
I am working on a design proposal for a sustainable community as a studio problem for my M. Arch.The site is in north India. Pls tell me how can i evolve the concept.
Asif Ali
Sustanable community
Hi Asif,

Apart from the contemporary 'sustainable' tag, 'community' itself acts as a root to sustainability. In other words, if its not a community, then it is not sustainable.

I think, you should be more specific in defining your site. Your site itself will give u ideas and inspiration. Consider physical conditions of the site such as topography, climate, geology etc., Think about the inhabitants, their culture, way of life, preference etc. I think for a start these factors play a key role in taking major decisions and then at a later stage you can go into the specifics.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
Sustanable community
Sriraj, Well said, I agree with you.
Frank John Snelling
Sustanable community
I am interested in your design proposal. I currently am an instructor in the areas of: Sociology, Psychology and Criminal Justice and am working on a graduate degree in Crisis Disaster Management. My area of emphasis is in mitigation specifically in the development of sustainable and resilient communities. Please update me on your research.

Respectively, Glenda Harrison, M.Ed., M.A.
Glenda Harrison


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