Theory and Criticism
Early architecture of islamabad
Islamabad as a city is a sole manifest of pakistani architecture, or as it should be? Is Collective image of the city or its landmark buildings is decipherable in terms of any style that developed over time.If any at all how can it be defined?
Amna Naveed
Early architecture of islamabad
Amna, very old cities like a palimsest (a parchment which has been written on and then overwritten time after time).

Having said that, it is possible to spot both the building designs and urban layout patterns of each cultural phase and so build up a picture of the evolution of the city through time.

In a sense you have two types of construction and layout (a) original, incorporated complete into the fabric of the city, and (b) original, but incomplete and adapted from the original purpose. This of course includes the recycling of materials from earlier buildings into new ones.

For a standard of comparison, I recommend (a) Stewart Brand`s book /videos "How buildings Learn" and (b) "Village Japan" analyses culture in context with the environment.

I would also recommend my own work "upon the infinite systems and principles of aesthetics", but my Book Three is as yet unpublished and I have only just reformatted the first three chapters into Word.
Frank John Snelling


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