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thesis on old age home cum orphanage
hye, I am 5th yr architecture student.Recently I have been working on proposals for my thesis on"Orphanage cum old age home".I want to create a common home for two generations so that old people can fill the emptiness in their lives and children get the appropriate guidence from the old ones.i want to create a space for their interaction and create a common shelter.I need to carry on my case studies so can u all plz suggest me reference materials for this..If any live projects are running in this topic share with me ..
Shreedhara Bajracharya
thesis on old age home cum orphanage
Shreedhara, An interesting idea. I am reminded of a recent Science Fiction book by the American author Elizabeth moon called "Remnant Population".

The story is of an elder left behind when a space colony is evacuated and she becomes a foster grandmother to some alien young and becomes a vital link between humans and aliens. I have now read the book three or four times.
Frank John Snelling
thesis on old age home cum orphanage
@shreedhara :evn i hav choosen a similar topic creating interactive platform between old age homes and orphanages .are u working on this topic itself..n do u think this wil workout?
Supraja Narayanan


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