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can human brain combine ?
by cognition some components, can human brain combine those components and perceive the result?
Example: has human brain the ability to mentally combine two colors and guess the resulting color?
I am looking for some more examples.
Saleh Masoumi
can human brain combine ?
Saleh, I would imagine that there is an enormous wealth of research available on the subject of what humans are able to recognise (when seeing something a second time, etc) and what humans are able to sense (seeing something the first time).

The ability of humans to recognise patterns allows humans to gather an input and compare the input with previous inputs for similarities and differences. Given that the human mind works much faster than speech, then the human mind can see, recognise and process input faster than spelling out and thinking aloud about something in speech.

Therefore, what is called human instinct and or human intuition is nothing more than the mind processing something faster than speech or even thinking mentally in words.
Frank John Snelling


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