Conflict and Natural Disasters
design for disaster :thesis
hi, i am a final year student of architecture, as a thesis i want to do a project. This i s my idea: ideal house design and a suggestive settlement plan for the region that will effectively deter the effects of calamities like flood/flash floods and the same time be a low cost solution.

I have Orissa (south) or almora(north)
I need some resources and projects that i can use a case studies.

Please any suggestion or idea is highly appreciated ....:D
Bhuvnesh Pandey
design for disaster :thesis
additionally, as i am in delhi right now...are students from other colleges allowed to use SPA, Delhi and TVB libraries?...
Bhuvnesh Pandey
design for disaster :thesis
Bhuvn, I have already posted regarding the Indus Valley flooding in Pakistan.

[1] As I understand it "Flash floods" are more usual in dry regions where the infrequent rains tend to quickly overload the capacity of the available watercourses and cause flooding. So, there is a need to make sure (a) that there are watercourses around any settlement and (b) that the watercourses are larger than would appear necessary in normal times.

Ideally, a planned system of watercourses would channel any temporary excess of water safely away, but we do not live in an ideal world.

[2] Regarding the disaster of flooding itself, when I see TV News pictures showing flood areas, I am always struck by the lack of high ground. The ideal would be to completely enclose every village with a stone-faced earth bank, but I doubt that many rural villages would have the resources. So, I suggested that each village should have a communal raised platform (made of a stone or brick-faced earth bank) for use as a flood refuge.

Another thought is of having an inverted "V" flood defence placed upriver of the village and made of either a ditch or an earthen bank (or both), in order both divert the flood waters away from the settlement and stop the full force of any flood from smashing through the settlement.
Frank John Snelling


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