refugee camp - a self sustained community
i am vani and i am doing a design research on refugee camps as a self sustained community in srilanka. would someone be able to gude me as to where i should choose my site and on what criteria. and if not srilanka where else can i design such a project. i don't want to treat refugee camp as a modular unit but as a community where where people get a chance at starting there lives afresh. any suggestion regarding this is most welcome.
Vani Sriranganayaki
refugee camp - a self sustained community
Vani, I am sure that there are many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) in this field today.
Frank John Snelling
refugee camp - a self sustained community
Mr.Vani.I must tell you if you are going to research on refugee camps then should not take any site roughly.You have to consider the site which has got through the any disaster where the new development is required.Their only you can get the practical value of your reseach.
Sheikh Muzamil Hussain
refugee camp - a self sustained community
m sorry but i did not quite understand what you meant. i understand that the site has to be safe and secure in every sense of the word, but is there any other criteria to it?
P.S. its Ms. vani sriranganayaki
Vani Sriranganayaki


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