Thesis : Bollywood museum at mumbai
My topic for my dissertation is "World class Bollywood Museum at Mumbai"
I need to know how to further progress in program point of view .
what programs to be included and and what type of spaces should be included
Monik Shah
Thesis : Bollywood museum at mumbai
Monik, Should not "Bollywood" (after Bombay) now be known as Mollywood (after Mumbai)?
Frank John Snelling
Thesis : Bollywood museum at mumbai
Hello my thesis topic is the same. i need to do my literature study and case study. can u help me out with it?
Amit Jain
Thesis : Bollywood museum at mumbai
Interesting topic - start studying the entire gamut of film-making. It should be able to show what happens behind the screen. Try the Ramoji Film City, Functioning studios and the Hollywood Museum web page - May help. Since it is a live project - you could talk to production houses.
Somi Chatterjee
Thesis : Bollywood museum at mumbai
I am very sorry to say that discussions in this forum now a days are mainly on architecture students discussing their thesis topics, and as wide as Bollywood museum, which has no relationship with this site or forum. I sincerely hope people will use this as a medium of scholarly discussions on Islamic architecture and not as some social network sites.
I am sorry again. I hope i am not too direct, but i cannot help it but response.
Debasish Borah


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