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symbolism in religious architecture
what is the importance of symbolism in religious architecture
Navneet Bahga
symbolism in religious architecture
Navneet, to quote an old saying "a picture tells a thousand words." and given that through the ages most people were illiterate, but able none the less to recognise repeating patterns, then symbols are in effect similar to the abbreviations used in mobile phone texting.

SO one could say that the less people write then the more significance there is in the symbols which are written.
Frank John Snelling
symbolism in religious architecture
Thanks.i would like to know more about architectural symbols like an arch, dome or the tower of a temple.How do people react to these building forms which have been associated with a particular faith?
Navneet Bahga
symbolism in religious architecture
With the passage of time some of the design elements have attained the status of recognition in religious architecture. For instance, Minaret of a mosque without which a mosque can not be considered as a complete building even if the mosque comprised of arches and domes. In the same way a Dome is mandatory design element for a Saint's mausoleum.
Mian M. Naseer


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