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Public Housing funded through the sale of RE
This is a project within the feasibility phase proposed to be implemented in the outskirts of Pretoria in a former Township known as Mamelodi. The focus is on improving the situation for squatters by providing them formal living spaces within the structures supporting photovoltaic cells used as roof cover. This way the RE production creates clean energy both for the occupants as for the grid and contributes to providing alternative "lower-standard" housing. As the project is community based, the squatters are involved receiving income from the construction related activity which they in turn spend to improve their housing cells "dwellings" within the superstructures. The project should eventually lead to a sustainable development led by a community based non-governmental, non-profit making Public Housing Association, named "Dwellings 4 Renewable Housing". I am looking for inputs, comments and willing partners to join to see project implemented globally and thereby replacing shanty towns. Request a copy of the document from
Otto-Roman Barnert
Public Housing funded through the sale of RE
Hello Otto-Roman. Very intriguing project this is. How do you draw the line between 'public utility' and 'rights of the occupants'? If for some reason the RE facility gets scrapped for something else, would the occupants go back to being squatters?
Jofer Magsi
Public Housing funded through the sale of RE
Otto-Roman, Please can you define "RE"?
Frank John Snelling


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