Thesis slum rehabilitation Delhi.

Hi I am doing my thesis of slum rehabilitation.

In Delhi there is a kathputly colony an urban slum and home for the families of 750 of India's traditional artists, puppeteers, jugglers, folk musicians, dancers, acrobats, magicians and what not...

artists have performed in hundreds of shows across the globe, visited many countries and now they are forgotten...


To design for the programmes that offer long term solutions to the problem of survival for a much broader base of creative talent. To promote the growth of a vibrant and economically viable artistic community that has the inherent capacity to create wealth and goodwill for itself and for the nation.

If anyone can guide me about:

What all areas I need to study to come up with a rehabilitation solution?

What else I can provide except housing for these people as they have their unique identity as an Indian traditional artists.

Any source of information regarding or parallel to the topic?

Case studies

Your comments and guidance extremely important for me......
Gaurav Arbooj
Thesis slum rehabilitation Delhi.
Dear Gaurav, Thank you for your posting on Facebook and I have posted answers.

From reading your topic, I assume this colony of traditional entertainers is the permanent homebase of quite a number of mobile entertainment troupes, rather like the way circus`s go into winter quarters, starting off with caravans and gradually developing into individual homes built on site.

Again, I assume that this homebase has tradtionally been regarded as a place for the families of entertainers to live rather than entertain, because to rehabilitate this urban area, then I would say that there is a need for a circus theatre where the entertainers can display their traditional skills and abilities to audiences along the lines of an entertainment theme park.

And such a recreational theme park would eventually draw in other people-orientated service industry businesses such as cafes and restaurants.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis slum rehabilitation Delhi.
Hi All,
Recreational theme parks are nowdays not brought by communities but by developers. And their logic is cash flow, therefore obviously the cafes and restaurants will follow; but not for the community benefit. Developers are neither good promoters of the "cultural" essence nor Arts.

They tend to mock them by producing "cheap" tradition and culture.

Promoting vulnerable minority is never an easy task, but know that anything to do with community is a socio-economical-political issue.

Revisit their past history, study their source of income and their past role in the society.
What made them famous, at a time?
What happened?
What serial of socio-economical-political change has put them down?

How an urban rehabilitation can help them?
? Visibility...Yes, but be cautious of not creating an urban zoo by emphasizing the "territory" limits.

Build urban equipments and facilities that enhance their PROFESSIONNAL specificity and role in the society (eg.: Academy of Music, theatres, circus...). Make the area to become an urban destination for arts and events, draging outsiders into kathputly colony; coming to take part into a vivid and vibrant part of the city.

Work on erasing the area stigmata by wiping away "territory demarcation"... Works on them by creating transitional path and/or "junctional point of meeting".

By building major cultural facilities within the colony, political power writes into the urban landscape stated values, further more if those constructions are becoming iconic architecture.

Work on Dheli's political, urban ambition and vision and put those into phase with your project. Making your urban plan a direct potential answer to their goals.
Louisette Rasoloniaina
Thesis slum rehabilitation Delhi.
Louisette, I used the term "recreational theme park" because the theme here is of theatre, but of theatre that encompasses diversity.
Frank John Snelling


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