Architectural Education
research topic sneha..pursuing ma final a part of ma curricula,im doing a research topic on flyovers,in urban searching for data related to earliest flyovers in the world to the present context..and i would like to narrow it down to the indian context after a comparative study all over the world..
Sneha Krishnan
research topic
v.interesting topic....if you happen to study mumbai and delhi in detail,you shall have great picture to detail..a small example at surat,previously if one had to reach surat from NH8,it used to consume nearly 1 hour,few years back they constucted a flyower of 6.5kms length connecting city and NH8,know one complits the traffic free lap nearly in 13 to 14 study the energy and time saved and impact on the sorounding habitat or say socio/economic fabric.
Dushyant Nathwani


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