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Architecture as a meeting point
The nations that we live in are transparent enough for people to cross boundaries and exist in another space, but what of the national culture of a people? How does this border create or inform upon the socity contained within and those wishing to either emmigrate or to migrate. A transitional community complex is a current topic being explored within liverpool university school of architecture third year and the notion of this meeting point for races and cultures is described as a complex in which mirgants have been granted aslym and as of yet need to be intergrated into the existing fabric. the metaphor of a person who has gone through customs in an airport, is technically out of the country, but still on land is an interesting one,but how can this limbo be transformed into an architectural discousre or form
Paul Jones
Architecture as a meeting point
Dear Paul Jones,

Architecture as a meeting point !It is a thought provoking idea! Architecture, as a built-environment, contains various activities within, which brings people together to share their experiences and knowledge, their hopes and aspirations, their problems and issues, their sense of being and enables them to find an identity as a member of family, group, community and humanity.

Architecture as a built-environment which occupies a space within a context, e.g. in a city or a village, in a farm or a forest, on the beach or a hill etc., and in the process establishes linkages and relationships.
It indeed becomes a meeting point!

Architecture as a built environment is composed of many materials, technologies, elements, components and systems, that are brought together to become architecture! Architecture is indeed a meeting point!

As for your project of a Facilitation Centre for Migrants, this requires a sensitive approach to handle the human, social, political, legal and environmental issues. You need to carry out detailed surveys / interviews of these people and the community around to delineate the issues and linkages that need to be resolved. The design process should incorporate not only the surveys and analysis, but you should go ahead and discuss the preliminary and intermediate designs with them to get their crits and make a final presentation to a group that includes their representatives. This process will result in evolution of a more humane architecture.

with best wishes,
Akhtar Chauhan


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