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Thesis: War and architecture
hey all!
im doing my thesis on the relationship of war with architecture. and as you guys can guess im not going places with this so any help would be highly appreciated!
some points that im considering are

1. Architecture used for war: this in terms of architecture that has been used to create war (like monuments and statues and also stuff like bunkers and barracks etc)

2. Architecture changed for war: spaces that have been altered for other uses in times of war (like cloth factories turned into ammunition storage areas)

3. Architecture similar to war: i read about this somewhere and am a bit unclear on it

4. Architecture as casualty of war: how architecture is affected by war (loss of buildings and monuments etc)

so im not sure what my final piece of architecture would be...any ideas?
Thanks! :)
Naiha Raza
Thesis: War and architecture
I think a better heading for your thesis would be how architecture is affected by war. this combines your points number 2 and 4.

your points number 1 and 3, i am a bit confused about... monuments built to instigate a war? I have not heard of anything like that so far. bunkers and barrack are a result of war, that might relate to your thesis as how the styles of architecture changes in the presence of war.

best of luck
Sonia Sarower Urmee
Sonia Urmee
Thesis: War and architecture
dear naiha,
please dont meintion that line "architecture that has been used to create war"
may be architecture takes some changes due to before world war 2 architecture of germany took a new shape, showing of wealth,industrilization clearly depicted on their architecture. it can be your thesis subject.
or you can taking the after effect in architecture by war.
or you can simple go with the war memorial where you can display the freedom,bravery, war with the shape of architecture.
please dont do Architecture similar to war.... architecture meant to be creating something.
Mehebub Alam
Thesis: War and architecture
hello.i think war can change our modern world you should build your building without attention to people,area,climate and everything that relate to architectury just like buldings at chandigar(india)which buit by lecorbosier!of course it hasnt built after awar but they didnt pay attention to people`s culture.
Amir Haddai
Thesis: War and architecture
interesting topic, Naiha. I think you can add some social aspects too. because of the war, it must be many changes in people's life/behaviour and how they use their space, maybe it'll leads to new issue? so you should decide what place or country you'll investigate. every place has its own story. good luck.
Meea Wulan
Thesis: War and architecture
thankyou so much guys your responses helped alot :D
Naiha Raza
Thesis: War and architecture
Naiha, Architecture was and is used to support warfare both with offensive field works and defensive permanent works such as barracks. Likewise, in wartime, existing architecture is adapted, such as turning a building into a strong point in a defensive line.

You also might like to consider the many castles all around the world that were built before the arrival of the cannon and which then became obsolete and were later converted into homes.

As for "architecture as a casualty of war", I am sure there are two schools of thought on this because the widespread destruction of a city by artillery or bombing from the air can either be seen as a tragic loss of a nation`s heritage or as an opportunity to rebuild a newer and better city.

Although war was not involved, the Great Fire of London in 1666 AD (I think I have the date right) almost totally destroyed the city of London, but in the other hand this cleansing of the city by fire probably removed a lot of the sources of disease and the new buildings had to obey the new Fire Prevention code which had a great effect on the design of the new buildings. For instance, all of the original timber-frame buildings used to overhang at every storey, so that the uppermost storeys were almost touching and helped spread the fire. But after the Great Fire, no building overhangs were allowed and windows had to be set back into the walls.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: War and architecture
Just like to comment that other aspect of this topic could be "Architecture during post-war rehabilitation".
Because during rehabilitation, role of architects will be to provide low cost temporary solutions, for living, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure in first stage, utilization of available resources, understanding of geographical, demographical characteristic, coordination with experts ( i.e. Planners, engineers, social scientists etc) will be important.
Muhammad Wajahat Khan
Thesis: War and architecture
Dear Naiha...

I really appreciate that you've come up with such a sensible and a unique topic for your thesis.

However, what I feel is that you need to narrow down on your scope of work.

Say for example...are you referring to cities/towns/villages that always are under a constant threat to save their boundaries from the enemies (past as well as present)
or...are you referring to buildings?
In buildings are you considering the buildings that have been built during the war times? or because of war times?

you also need to define what kind of war are you referring to...

A city generally protects itself by having a boundary wall and sometimes the wall itself houses many buildings...

Sometimes small towns/villages are built on top of the hills so as to protect the settlement from the outsiders...

Qualas of Afghanistan are a housing typology which act as small citadels for that particular family and the animals the family has...

And above all..."WHY" have you taken up the topic of "War and Architecture"

Clarity in thesis is a crucial issue!

Good Luck :)
Rashmita Jadav
Thesis: War and architecture
"War & Architecture"
Both are opp. of each other.
War is a destructive element in mankinds history, whereas ARCHITECTURE has always been constructive, with the basic concept of development of the Human race.
So according to me "Structure made during War Times, or to commerate the sacrifice of War Heros, would be suitable.
All the same I would not subscribe to the thought of War & Archictecture at all times any where in the world.
Ateeque Malik
Thesis: War and architecture
Frank, first of all, thank you so much for your input on this! initially i was very interested in point 2 that is architecture changed for war (adapted) but the problem is that my thesis has to be design based (as opposed to research)so that means i need to respond via design on inter-convertible spaces (and for that ill have to imagine a military war scenario!) so im not sure as to what i should do. about architecture as a casualty, i could work with that as (as i believe) my nation is under (political)war and terrorist insurgents. so maybe architecture that makes a statement on the current events? but then again what would define such an architecture? i dont want to end up with a war museum

Wajahat, rehabilitation is a good idea i will definatly consider it :)

Rashmita, i am having a bit of a problem with narrowing down the not sure as to where i am going with this. as to why i want to cover this topic has a bit to do with Freud and others as well. they say that war is the cause (direct or indirect) of innovative design (i read this in "exit-architecture: design between war and peace") so i believe that war is the horrific change that has brought about changes in design and through the tragedy, the better in people!
Naiha Raza


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