articulated chamber
Hey Guys..

I read more than once..but myriads of times.. authors write in their articles "articulated chamber", " He wanted to articulate this room", " the articulation (of some space..etc.)"..

i tried to reach a meaning to this word, but in vain...i don´t know why.. possibly because i´m not english-spoken

Could anyone help me please, so urgently, for i have an article workin on it, and this word appeared once again...

Thanks alot.
Waleed Akef
articulated chamber
Salaam Waleed,

Could you make it more clear...?
Sriraj Gokarakonda
articulated chamber
Waleed, There are two uses of the verb "articulate" [1] = Jointed; distinctly jointed; with clearly distinguishable parts (articulate speech); able to express oneself coherently. [2] = (a) Connect by joints (articulated lorry) etc, with flexibly connected sections [like a the segments of a lobster], (b) Mark with apparent joints, (c) Divide into words, pronounce distinctly, (d) speak distinctly, (e) form joint.

In the sense of "He wanted to articulate this room," is a fancy way of clearly and carefully describing / explaining the orientation, layout and arrangement of a space.
Frank John Snelling


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