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Is the role of an architect diminishing?
I live in Karachi, where more than 50% of the population is low income. They have to fulfill their basic needs first, consulting an architect is a luxury for them. On the other hand, the rest of the population, have access to a lot of architectural information about planning, material, sustainability through internet, magazines etc. Many softwares are there, which are very easy to use, that clients can actually do a lot of things on their own. And the technology is so advanced that a computer can design for you. So what is the future of this profession?
Reja Humayun
Is the role of an architect diminishing?
You are right, Client can do lot of things on their own, Dear Reja Doing doesn't mean that they are doing professionally. Our role come in the framework of Sensibility, responsibility Professionalism etc. And sorry Computer Can't design for us, its same as a pencil can't design.
Furqan Khatri
Is the role of an architect diminishing?
yes u are right that computers cant design for us. But please conrtibute your thoughts, about the fact that we are catering to only 30-40% of the society.
Reja Humayun
Is the role of an architect diminishing?
Reja, If an architect is someone who has to have wealthy clients in order to survive and prosper, then there will always be a lot of competition for the available market.

In any business activity there are the two options of (a) staying in one place, or (b) being mobile and moving from job to job, or maybe a (c) a mixture of both options.

(a) If you stay in one place, you can build up a reputation, but you need to be prepared to do any design.

Whereas, if (b) you are mobile you provide an on the spot service and you can pick and choose your jobs and gain a reputation for one type of design.

In fact, I would say that the more established architects tend to stay in one place, whereas, the younger architects who need experience are more prepared to travel to jobs.

Ironically, this pattern is similar to the original Guild System, whereby the Masters of a Guild have established practices and the older apprentices or Journeymen travel in order to gain experience of a wide variety of different jobs in different places.
Frank John Snelling


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