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indian art and design pavillion
my name is chinar jadhav and i am a final year architecture student ,i have selected my thesis topic as indian art and design pavillion ...pavillion in the sense it ll be acting as a center for art and design field in india ,the main aim of my structure ll be bringing up the exposure level to international level for all types of artist and designers ,students,tribal and traditional art pepole in india ,in a very easy manner .i wanted some suggestions on where shoud i take site of the structure so that it ll be at its maximum effectiveness for all country
Chinar Jadhav
indian art and design pavillion
Hi chinar...

Are you talking about a permanent structure or is it going to be a pavilion in some expo? Is it necessary to take up site only in India or can you choose any part of the world?

I don't understand your explanation clearly, but I can give some suggestions based on what I understood.

If you are planning to build a permanent structure somewhere in India, you can pick a site in an existing expo sites like that of the Pragati Maidan in Delhi and your proposed structure can be a permanent one like few others in pragati maidan, eg. defence pavilion, state pavilions etc., I am not very familiar of other expo sites in India but am sure there are some in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc.

If you are on facebook you can check one of my albums where i posted some pics of Intl expo 2010, shanghai. I have been inside the Indian pavilion. Though I was not impressed by the way in which it was organized and designed, but the all bamboo dome was little interesting. You can check that online...
Sriraj Gokarakonda


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