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Rat trap bond walls
I am planning to build a home for myself and as a responsible citizen , i would like to build a green home and i happened to come across this RAT TRAP BOND walls ,may be the pro's here would answer my queries.
so my queries are
1. are they really cost effective when i want to have them in a RCC structure, when i wish to have a plastering for the interiors?
2. And i have seen very few structures in hyderabad , is there any shortage of skilled workers who can do this job or else i would like to know the reasons as to why it has not been popular in this part of world.
3. And is the insulaton provided by this kind of wall appereciable vis-a-vis a traditional wall in Hyderabad summers.
Ajay Reddy
Rat trap bond walls
Rat trap bonds are effective to insulate the building from a prickly heat of sun in tropical climates. This may be used with exposed brick to reduce the cost but quality of brick is an important factor due to erosion. obviously it requires skill workmanship.
Asif Ali


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